Fearless life

April 29, 2020

                 Hello friends, hope you all are well? Especially during this COVID-19 lockdown. So as I mentioned in the last blog, today I have something special to share with you.
                 We all discussed in our last blog about how to make our life simple, so that we can live it in a creative way. But when we put thoughts into action to simplify our life, it's not at all easy. Reason? We afraid of getting fail, we afraid of trying something new, we afraid of leaving our comfort zone. Yes, fear is that factor which resists us from making our life creative. So, in this blog we will see how to overcome this fear. In other words, how to live a fearless life. So let's begin with understanding the concept of fear.

What is Fear?  

                   Fear arises with the threat of harm, either emotional, physical or psychological, real or imagined. In other words, fear is the body's way of protecting itself from doing things that may be dangerous. Fear actually serves an important role in keeping us safe. For example, if one has a fear of jumping off a cliff, he will not do it. So this fear is good for us. But today we are discussing a different type of fear which is not beneficial. What does that mean?

                   Consider this illustration. One man moved into Canada to start a business. He failed in his business plans and lost his all money. He returned to his country and went into despair. He lost all his hopes and motivation. Now if he wants to raise from this depression, fear of getting unsuccessful will discourage him. No doubt he need to change his plans, need to work out on his mistakes, but doing all this without having a fear is a challenge. What if you stuck in similar situation? How you will get out of this? How you will learn to live a fearless life?

What is Fearless life?

                   Well, we all face different challenges in our life. And we all reach to one point in our life where we need to demonstrate a fearless attitude. Fearless life doesn't mean all your fear will disappear in seconds. We are not robots. Fearless life means you will boldly move in the direction of your fears until you overcome them.
Yes, like a river you need to move ahead with crossing all the obstacles, and creating your own path. You need to be unstoppable.

How to live Fearless life?

   Lets consider some key lessons about it.
1. Understand the fear
   Yes, before fighting with an enemy we need to understand his strength and weaknesses. Similarly, before conquering the fear, understand what kind of fear you have. Understand the consequences, and depth of that fear. Think about the worst case scenario. Some kind of fears are temporary. For example, You want to start your own business. But now you are afraid of some possible results. Like, what if I get fail in this startup? What if I loss all my money? How I will repay the loan amount? Now you understand your fear, and you counted the consequences of it, so you have done with the first step.

2. Keep ready the backups. 
   After understanding your fear you need to create your backups. With this back up you will be in greater position even if you get fail in your plans. You will not get affected. You will able to restore your loss. And you will have more courage to execute your plan with less fear. Always remember, with creating backups you are increasing your strength almost than double, to fight with your fear. Even the aircraft are made with two engines.

3. Change the way of thinking 
    The situation will not remain same all the time. Ups and downs will come. Don't stick to the same plans. Be flexible. Don’t give up. Be ready for uncertain changes and challenges. Try to see the bigger picture. Remember, with every new challenge, you have new opportunity to make your personality more better. Prove that you can deal with these changes and you can create your own path.

4. Stay Positive 
    Yes, to overcome your fear you need to keep your thoughts positive. Fill yourself with positivity. Think why you start this job or project. Definitely, you saw some positive aspects and that's why you do this. Stick to those thoughts. Note these points somewhere and read it loudly again and again. Remember, if fear is the virus then positive attitude is antidote of that virus.

5. Maintain the right balance
    Well, why I am saying this? Because before making decisions you need to count the cost. Don’t act foolish by behaving overly smart. This will lead to make mistakes that you can't repay later. Don't try to be superman. We don't want to do anything to impress anyone. Be wise. Maintain right balance and use discernment.

                      So, I am sure with these steps you will able to understand how to cope up with fear. Well, fearless life contains a lot of things. We will discuss more about this later, but right now you are in enough position to overcome any kind of fear you have. Remember, fear is not greater than you! Be confident, be strong, be focused on your goals, and you will write an another level of success stories!

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