How to live simple life

April 13, 2020

                      Hello friends, this is sneheet. Hope you all doing well? So, as we discussed in our last blog, we all are excited to know more about creative life. And as I mentioned, today we will discuss about simplifying life. What is simplifying or simple life?

                      Well, before understanding the concept have a look on this illustration. Suppose that you living in big house. A house that contains more than 10 bedrooms. Now you can add more things in your this house with your imagination. You working for a company who helps you to pay the EMI’s of that house. Your more than half of salary goes to pay the EMI. To earn more money you start working in extra hours. And don’t forget you have to pay some of for maintenance, bills etc. So basically you have a big house, but you staying in office to pay the bills. You work under stress of losing the house, your status. You are not at all Happy my friend. Now to getting rid of this extra physical and mental clutter, you moves into small house. Now you don't have to worry about paying debts, you are not working in extra hours. You are at home my friend. You using that time to explore the things you like, and now you are happy. Do you understand the concept of simple life from above illustration? Again I am telling, my point is not about selling big houses and buying small one. Understand the thought behind this illustration.

What is simple life?

                       A simplified life means getting rid of any extra physical and mental clutter or complexity, so you can have more time for the things that actually matters to you. In simple words, avoid running behind everything and having a satisfaction in what you actually have.

Relation between Creative life and simple life

                      Yes, creative life and simple life related to each other strongly. We can say that they are dependent on each other. How?
                       Remember the concept of creative life. It’s a deeper approach to well-being and focusing on living life in a full and deeply satisfying way. Now if we make our lives simple, we will able to live it in satisfactory way. So basically  no creative life is possible without making it simple.

How to live simple life?

                       Lets consider some key lessons to start living simple life:
1.   Don’t create your own burden
    Yes, we only create our own stress, frustration, and disappointment by expecting too much from ourselves. Don’t be donkey by carrying unnecessary burden. Just let go all the worries and fly like a bird.

2.   Find the solutions for problem
    We often have complain for our problems. Yes, attitude matters. Change your attitude. Change the way of thinking. Be positive. This is not the end of your life. Agree, every time it is not easy, but believe me this is the right time to show that you are strong enough to handle the problems. And here you got the solution my friend.

3.   Don't fall in the trap of copying others life
     At first glance this might appear silly but the truth is most of time in our lives we are striving to be like some one else. Don’t be copy cats.

4.   Find joy in few simple things
     Learn to appreciate what you have. Learn to be happy. Don’t regret for the things you don't have. Again I am saying don’t compare with others. Spend time with your loved ones. Spend your time to do things which you like most. Collect moments not things.

5.   Be specific about what you want, and say no for unnecessary things
     In other words don’t get attached to sentimental items. This will make your home a junkyard. Similarly will apply to our decisions too. Don't push yourself to say yes to everything or to everyone. You are not superman. Saying no to more things will simplify our lives.
6.   Take time for meditation
     Yes it is very important to keep yourself on right track. Keep some minutes everyday for yourself, to meditate on your progress, your goals, and your achievements. Note this progress.

7.   Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen
     Don’t be lazy. Complete the assign work on that time. Don’t postpone it. It will increase your work load. Do your efforts to make it complete and Don't worry about the things you can't change.

8.   Stay away from negative people 
     Look your association. You have to choose wisely your surrounding. Staying too much with negative mentality people will make you discourage for your goals. Spend more time with those people who have similar goals like you have, who will motivate you to achieve them.

9.   Connect yourself with nature
      This is the best remedy for reducing stress. Walk in a park, observe the sky at night, breathe fresh air, listen your favourite songs, do some exercise.

10.    Be a warrior, not a worrier
       Don’t think too much. All things you can't control, so don't worry about everything. Don't increase your blood pressure. Be a warrior and not a worrier.

                      So, how you all feeling now? Well this is not the end. But this will give good start to live the creative life. And next time we will see something new. You want to know what's that? Well, wait for next blog, something amazing will come out. Till that time try these and see what happens — I am sure you’ll find out something beautiful about yourself, and about life.

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  1. Very nice! I feel positive.

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    शक तो, मी पूढ़िल ब्लॉग ची वाट पहत आहे,