What is Creative Life

April 11, 2020

               Hello all, My name is sneheet. This is my very first blog. Well, why I am writing this? What is actually creative life? I like to answer you all about this.

               We all have different definitions for creative life. We can go word by word too. Yes it's about creating new opportunities in life, creating new possibilities and exploring the life. Also a deeper approach to well-being and focusing on living life in a full and deeply satisfying way. If we manage to do all this, we will never call our life a boring life.

                Now that is why I am starting this blog. Well, I am not an expert, just a 27 years old guy, but be sure I have something special to share with you.
                Let me begin with telling you one experience. I was in Allahabad (now its Prayagraj) for sometime, this is located in north part of India. One day I went out in park for a walk. Allahabad University is just opposite to that park. From there I saw many student's who walked in and out from university gate. Now the thing which I observed is nobody was happy, nobody was expressive, everyone’s face was sad, everyone was in hurry, They looked like they have no purpose in life. So I spoke to some students and I came to know a common answer from everyone. Guess what? Everyone was worried about their future, about their results, about their jobs, about their status in world. So basically no one was creating their life but was creating their worries.

                 So one thing I learned that day, our happiness is not depends on any college degree, any university. Don’t take me wrong they are important to support our life. But somethings are more important than just having degrees on paper. I am going to tell you some special tips that will help all of you to live creative life. Again remember the definition i mentioned in this article.

                 The very first step you all need to do is just get relax now, seat on sofa, and think! Just think! What actually you want to do in life? If you are not getting an answer, go outside the house and take a walk, go to your favourite place, and just calm down. Take long breathe, have look around your beautiful nature. If you are in city, take a walk into the park, believe me this will work. Now think again, what actually you want to do in life?

                 If your answer is to become a billionaire, or to buy your favourite car, or you want get famous in the world, this blog is not for you. Because I am not gonna tell you about all this. But if you want to live your life fully and with deeply satisfying way, you are on right blog. Don’t worry and just give a try. So what's the first lesson you learned? What you want to do in your life? Keep in mind that you want to live creative life that means a life which will give you deep satisfaction.
                Now the second thing we want to do is simplify our life. First we need to understand
what is the mean of simplifying our life. In our next blog we will find an answer to this question.

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