Insomnia - How to deal with it?

June 11, 2020

             Hello friends, Hope you all doing well? Today I have a different topic to share with you. Most of you must have heard the word Insomnia. Well, why I am talking about insomnia? According to one report of Times of india, Insomnia is the most searched word on google in April 2020. So there must be a question in your mind that why people searching for that word? And how this will relate to our Creative life? We will see. First, let's understand what is insomnia actually? How that affect on everyone's life? And how to deal with insomnia?

What is Insomnia?
             Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. People who have insomnia problem may feel dissatisfied with their sleep and usually experience some symptoms like low energy, difficulty in concentrating, mood disturbance and not feeling refresh after wake up etc.

Causes of Insomnia 
             The most common causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress and depression. Along with its poor sleeping habits, lack of exercise, chronic illness,
Sedentary lifestyle, job loss and other emotional problems have also been the causes of insomnia.
Insomnia can be in different forms. It has some types:

1) Acute insomnia
2) Chronic insomnia
3) Onset insomnia
4) Maintenance insomnia

Acute insomnia : It is short term insomnia. It can last from a few days to a few weeks. Causes of acute insomnia are stress, physical discomfort, illness or sleeping in an unfamiliar surroundings.

Chronic insomnia :  chronic insomnia is a long term pattern of difficulty sleeping. Causes of chronic insomnia are mental health conditions, chronic medical conditions, consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Onset insomnia : Onset insomnia is difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night. Caffeine or other stimulants can prevent you from falling asleep.

Maintenance insomnia : It is difficulty staying asleep or waking up too early and having trouble getting back to sleep.

Side effects of Insomnia 
               Insomnia can cause a number of risk and side effects. However, it may affect on your mental and physical health and it will decrease the ability to function. We all are familiar with the side effects of getting less sleep. It will affect on your daily performance at work or some other places. It increases the chances of accidents. And the major risk of insomnia is it will increase the chances of heart disease, stroke and obesity.

How to deal with Insomnia?
               Now here is the connection we will see between creative life and insomnia. The best treatment to deal with insomnia is self care. That means you can treat your own insomnia problem. How? The majority of people have insomnia because of anxiety, stress and depression. So reducing stress or anxiety can help you to overcome the problem of insomnia. And here is how the articles from a Creative life blog can help you to deal with stress and anxiety.
    Let us consider some more key points to deal with insomnia:

1) Maintain sleep hygiene
Stick to a sleep schedule. Keep your bedtime and wake time consistent, including on weekends or holidays. Avoid daytime naps. Avoid large meals and beverages before bed. Avoid using phones, computers or any other electronic devices before going to bed.

2) Regular Exercise 
Doing exercise for most days of the week will help you to stay active. It can boost your health, enhance your mood and promote better sleep. Regular exercise can also help to reduce depression and anxiety.

3) Improve your lifestyle 
Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the key secrets to reduce number of health issues. Maintaining a healthy diet can cure insomnia. Avoid food with high saturated fat, which may cause indigestion. Stop smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant that triggers insomnia. Avoid drinking excessive amount of alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative that can induce sleep initially, but it can disrupt deeper stages of sleep that allows your body to rest fully. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soft drinks before bedtime as it can disrupt sleep with repeated night time trips to the bathroom. Take a warm bath before bed.

4) Get plenty of natural light exposure during the daytime.

5) Consult with Doctors 
 In many cases you may need assistance with medication. Before taking any medication always consult with doctors. As insomnia have different types, consulting with doctors will help you to diagnose the type and cause of insomnia. There are some therapies which can help to cure insomnia like light therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, but again I will say it's always good to consult with doctors before taking any medication.

                 So now we understand well about insomnia disorder. And people searching more about this disorder show that most of people are suffering from insomnia. But we don't have to worry too much about this disorder, as it can be cure with some simple and major steps. Be consistent, follow good lifestyle, follow discipline and most importantly stay happy and live a Creative life! We will see you soon in our next article with one more interesting topic.

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