Inside Story

September 21, 2020

             Hello friends, hope you all doing good? First of all I want to say sorry to everyone for not posting my next article. I know you guys are waiting for a long time. Some of friends, even sent  messages to our email address. Trust me, I have valid reasons to tell you for not being in touch with you all from long time. So I thought to share with you my story and with that you all will get to know something about me. 

             Last year in the month of June I started dating one beautiful girl who belongs to Punjab. Eventually I started falling in love with her nature. She is very kind and loving person. Then we decided to get married. And we fixed a date of marriage on the 16th of May, 2020. But as you all know this corona pandemic entered into our lives. And everything spoiled. Whatever we planned, we started postponing. My fiancé and I started getting frustrated. We didn't meet each other from last seven months and now this pandemic. Who knows when it will end? The distance between us was 2000 kms. A lot of questions started running in my mind. How I will plan ahead? There was not even any transportation available in India. I booked a flight but it got cancelled twice.

             One thought encouraged me during that phase to not to lose hope. If I am encouraging people to face difficulties bravely and to take decisions with discernment, how much I have to be strong! So that I can continue my blogs without any guilt. And after a lot of planning and wait, I decided to travel to Punjab with all precautions. 

             Again, I booked a flight. And two days before departure my flight got cancelled. I am talking about the first week of July when all these things were happening. Immediately I book my ticket in a special train. Only one train was available once in a week for Amritsar. On the same day I started my journey from Mumbai, With so many concerns, worries, without anyone's support! My fiancé was in lot of stress. If something happens to me, who will be responsible? But still she supported my decision. The journey was around 35 hours via train. During travelling many times I felt like I am alone on this earth. I was literally dying if I can see any human. How strange it is that a small piece of virus, that can't be even seen by naked eyes can affect this much on human beings! Anyways, then finally I reached to Punjab with worries if I will be tested positive. Then I quarantined myself for 14 days and I tested negative.

              Eventually we got married on 20th July. We arranged our marriage ceremony on zoom for others to watch, including my family! We both were happy that we made it. She was very proud of me. That day I realised that every problem have an end, we just have to be patient and to take wise steps on right time, especially when we face these kind of situations. My message is not to show your bravery by going out without any precautions. Remember, There is a thin line between showing courage and being over confident! So please take precautions and stay safe! 


              Thank you for your support to my blog. I really appreciate the love you all showing for me. Always keep me supporting and share my blogs to your friends and relatives. We want to help everyone who is in difficulties, under emotional stress, and filled with negativity. If you help even a single person, you are donating them new life with new hope. Life is really beautiful! We need to change a view! And I am with you all to help as you all are with me! See you very soon in my next article.


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